Korean Nano Eyelash Growth

Korean Nano Eyelash Growth Treatment

  Do you have short lashes since young?
✔  Want to grow your natural lashes longer, fuller and darker in just 2 months?
✔  Do you suffer from weak lashes and easy breakage?

We use an eyelash growth solution which can promote the growth of lashes for patients who suffer from hypotrichosis, a condition where eyelashes are short and sparse.

1 week no Swimming
Results seen in 1 treatment, after 20-30 days based on individual.
Do 3 times a year for optimum results!

results_of_using_soliton_1024x1024 eyelash grow



Free Eyelash Growth Serum while stock last! (Worth $88)

Service Price
Korean Nano Eyelash Growth   (1st time trial) SGD $98
Korean Nano Eyelash Growth   (U.P) SGD $188
Korean Nano Eyelash Growth   (3 sessions) SGD $388