Regenerating Radiance Cream

Made in France

Product Description

Regenerating Radiance Cream is a sumptuous cream that superbly penetrates into the skin to reveal a radiant complexion. It features a rich and penetrating texture which is able to regenerate tired skin, improve uneven skin tone and whiten and firm the skin amazingly. Besides that, it also helps to hydrates and nourish the skin amazingly to replenish vital moisture.

Not only does it consist of Amino Acids that supply nutrients to nourish the skin from within the body, it also consists of Hydrolyzed Pearl Liquid which provides several benefits to the skin. It promotes the regeneration of new cells and makes the skin smooth, fine, elastic and naturally beautiful. It also helps prevent the development of melanin, which causes freckles and dark patches on the skin. Last but not least, it also prevents the skin from becoming old looking, wrinkled and sagging.


Method to Use : 

After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount over the face and massage evenly.


Ingredients : 

Plant Amino Acid, Phytokine, Hydrolyzed Pearl Liquid, Angelica Extract, Refined Titanium Dioxide, Preservative and Deionized Water.



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