Stressful individuals & hair problem.
Made in USA.

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Product Description

No.1 Head CPR Oxygen Therapy-Wild Ginseng Extracts 330ml
No. 1 selling product in Japan
1 sold in every 3 minutes

  • Stimulate head blood circulation
  • Promote hair growth
  • Improve hair density
  • Maintain head PH balance & prevent dandruff
  • Reduce migraine headache & stress


Method of use :

Pump 5-10 shots into different parts of your scalp, then massage it, daily. Recommended for use 2 times a day for individuals with serious hair and scalp problems. This is best used after you wash your hair. It is a leave-in hair tonic. Pump into scalp, before you blow dry your hair. Shake the bottle well, before use.


Ingredients :

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy(HBOT), Nitrogen, Verbana Officinalis, hamamelis, Wild Ginseng, Rose Extracts, Ficus Religiosa, Mint Extract, Bergamot.


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