Nano GSP Anti-Aging Essence

For All Skin Types

  • – Gold Nanoparticles
  • – Silver Nanoparticles
  • – Platinum Nanoparticles


Made in France

Product Description

The 3 different Nanoparticles helps to revive the skin condition, which the Gold Nanoparticles helps to regenerates the skin, the Silver Nanoparticles absorbs light to the skin effectively and the Platinum Nanoparticles provides an anti-oxidant properties to the skin, which reduces the Hydrogen Peroxide & the production of Nitric Oxide. It also have a similar highly interesting anti-aging properties with Gingko Extract, whereby it helps to protect the skin from wrinkles, sagging & age spots. But it also increases the skin moisture


Method of Use : 

Apply a small amount onto the face straight after cleansing and toner. Massage gently till full absorption.


Ingredients : 

Gold Nanoparticles, Platinum Nanoparticles, Silver Nanoparticles, Aloe Vera Extract, Gingko Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Licorice Extract



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