Ionized Facial Mist

Ionized Facial Mist


Lifting & hydration spray.
For dry dull & sensitive skin.
Made in USA.

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Product Description

Ionized facial mist 100ml

  • Eliminate wrinkle spots pigmentation
  • Penetrate cool hydrate tone nourish skin
  • Leave skin smooth & supple

Specially designed in 100ml bottle for aircraft travel


Method of use :

For ultimate maximum skin glowing effect, spray mist over face and neck, daily, and freely. Spray this mist for cooling effect, while it hydrates and moisturizes your skin. It may be used any time, anywhere, with or without make up. Advice to carry a bottle everyday to work/school, use it as a daily regime.


Ingredients : 

72 Trace Elements Ion Complex Elite, Small Molecule Fluctuation Aqua.